Digital Solutions for your Design and Construction Projects 
Our Services
We offer a wide range of services that are tailered to your specific needs.  With over 20 years experience in producing models and documentation for both commercial and residential projects we can assist on any level you need.  
  1. Documentation
    Need assistance with your current projects or need additional staffing for new projects? We can assist in creating full model and documentation for permit and construction
  2. ARCHICAD Template
    ARCHICAD Template
    Work directly with you and other team members to produce an office specific ARCHICAD template and Office Library
  3. Coordination Models
    Coordination Models
    We can assist in utilizing your Construction Documents and create a model of each discipline to generate RFI's, and locate coordination areas before construction starts
  4. Synchro Animation
    Synchro Animation
    Linking of coordination models to the Construction Schedule. Full animations, Critical Path Schedule, and scheduled look a-heads for your clients understanding of the construction schedule.
  5. Quantity Takeoffs
    Quantity Takeoffs
    Integrated into each model can be the ability to quantify elements needed for construction.
  6. ARCHICAD Support
    ARCHICAD Support
    Providing support services for your daily questions regarding all things ARCHICAD.
  7. Renovation Models
    Renovation Models
    The ability to see the before and after of a renovation project is a powerful tool for decision making with your clients. We will model your existing conditions and then provide views that show existing, demo, and new for review and approvals.
  8. Model Review
    Model Review
    Generate Clash Detection reports of your coordination models.